Sneaking past my puppy in the evenings… advice please!

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Hello again!

I recently posted about my puppy’s toilet training in a previous post (which is now going a lot better, so thanks!). But now we have a more interesting issue.

I run a pub near to where my partner and I live. The pub often closes around 11pm and I’m home just before midnight. However, the puppy’s bedtime for the past week (whilst I’ve been off) has been around 10pm. She has stopped crying, stopping toileting in her crate and I’m worried that if my girlfriend puts our pup to bed at 10pm but then I come home and walk past her at 11pm/12am, this could disrupt her routine.

How do I play this? Ignore her? Greet her and then go upstairs? Take her out to toilet when I get home? Any advice would be great – I go back to work in a few hours for an evening shift!

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