Snapchat reveals its 10 most well known lenses of 2016

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Snapchat is insanely strong. Not only has it changed Facebook( for better or worse ), it has popularized the term “vomiting rainbow” and altered selfies.

Just over a year ago, Snapchat introduced lenses, specific features that recognizes objectives such as faces and overlays them with animated filters. It’s one of the app’s most addictive features in part because the options change daily.

More than 150 million people every day open the app to investigate what they can become. Everyone from President obama to Kim Kardashian have sported a flower crown this year.

Not simply are they fun, they’re one of Snapchat’s main revenue streams. Useds don’t seem dissuaded. A sponsored lens from Taco Bell reaped 224 million views over 24 hours, according to Snap.

In honor of the brand-new time and the first full year of the product, Snapchat disclosed a schedule of the 10 most popular lenses. Unfortunately, they’re in no particular guild, so we’re left to guess which lens takes the top spot. They likewise don’t have official refers, but we are dependent upon Snapchat’s judgment.

Flower Crown

Friend Face Swap



Pink Flower Crown

Image: ariana grande




Camera Roll Face Swap


Not all of the win lenses are still available on the app. R.I.P. Mashable’s Saba Hamedy’s beloved bee lens.

In the last year, Snapchat made a bunch of changes to lenses. Double lenses give two people to transform into puppies, for example. In November, the company launched world lenses, which allow users to add feigns to their encloses like clouds that vomit rainbows.

Snapchat is no longer the only app with animated lenses. Facebook acquired augmented world corporation MSQRD earlier this year and introduced concealments to Messenger. But while Facebook’s begging for useds to open up Messenger and try them this New Year’s Eve, Snapchat plainly expects its daily consumers to come in and have fun.

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