Sleepy Puppy falls asleep on baby

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Some response to usual inquiries I have actually seen. Callie( the puppy) is a pooch that was linked to our surround 2012. It is presumed that she is a pitt/catahoula mix. She is the sweetest pet we have actually ever had. Our child is about 3 months old in the video clip( the very same age as Callie) and also he would certainly surrender to his belly when he rested. They still play with each other,

66 thoughts on “Sleepy Puppy falls asleep on baby

  1. Abida Babida

    Am i the only one wondering why there’s a leash on that puppy? If the puppy
    wasn’t sleepy and had some energy it could easily get that leash wrapped
    around the baby’s neck as it played. Even being sleepy it coulda did a full
    circle around the baby looking for the perfect spot to fall asleep. AND

    1. kate metcalf

      i highly doubt that would happen considering theres a person right where
      the baby and puppy is recording this sweet moment!!! do you honestly think
      this person would let that happen!!!!

    2. computerPhobe

      Abida…Excellent response, so many uninformed people sounding off with
      nothing to back it up with. I see so many large dogs walking their people,
      instead of the other way around. I’ve trained numerous dogs, the first
      thing is the collar, and leash, leaving it on gets it used to both, the
      baby and puppy are being watched. smh

    1. Michael Russo

      Idiotic Shayan If you’ve ever had an infant its Nap times numerous times of
      the day which when in sleeping its called night night seeing Your eyes are
      closed thus dark, as night. Its like two year olds on here trying to prove
      how little they know

    1. Jonathan Nagela

      It was sarcasm, but my dog actually never sleeps, or drinks water… but
      her collar has 2 fingers of gap.

    2. computerPhobe

      Better…Have you never nodded off while trying to stay up late to watch a
      favorite show? The collar was not too tight, if it were, the puppy would
      not display sleepiness. What a dumb statement.

    1. olskoolnewpaint

      It’s like seeing a video of a hot girl and someone saying “OMG I don’t
      understand how someone could ever rape her” Like why even bring that up ?

    1. Terrible Tanner

      Ah, don’t bloody egg him on Suga. These are the kids who go on Roxy Music
      videos and type “I em only six yers old but i lov ths musick. plsz giv me
      atenshun i heate my generaishun it socks rap socks”

  2. DJ Abbas

    Was that conversation real or was there a movie shooting going
    on???????????????? Don’t tell me people talk so nicely at home!!

    1. Terrible Tanner

      Correct me if I’m wrong, Floyd, but that’s exactly what happen-
      Wait, your name contains “Troll”. Disregard.

    1. Judith Iorio

      To Joseph Chu ….. Your remark is totally uncalled for. I happen to be a
      senior citizen and you are the freak here !!!! I will not respond to any
      further remarks from you .

  3. PuroYO

    Dogs and their pack mentality, love it, sleeping on top of others (as a
    pack member) is common, that’s how it’s meant to be, she just validated the
    baby as part of her pack.
    People who don’t get why dogs want to sleep in the owners beds or close to
    it, don’t get dogs.

    1. L Broderick

      I don’t know why she would it, it was just really odd. My daughter would
      get home from school and let her out of the crate around 2:00 in the
      afternoon so it’s not like she was crated all day. And I think some time
      around her first birthday we stopped crating her because she really didn’t
      get into anything and was not destructive. But every once in a while she
      would decide to pee on a bed, and I never knew when she did it. It could be
      she got upset about being left alone at times or something like that. I’m
      just glad she finally stopped doing it, lol!

    2. Jason Brat Parker

      L Broderick
      If this is a female and winter time, it is possible she has bladder
      infection – it is very common in some females, especially if it is cold
      outside or she swam in a cold water.

    3. The2ndMe

      My dog when she was a pup (Still is) jumped up on my bed and fell asleep on
      my face and then after pissed on my sheets.

    1. computerPhobe

      mike zzig…Here I go again. Uninformed people should ask questions first.
      I assume she intends the dog to be a house dog. Okay. I am a retired dog
      trainer. Every dog owner owes it to their dog to leash train them. You
      start out by just attaching a leash on the puppy asap, to just get it used
      to it being there. Want to know how I, at 110#, walked a 130# Kuvasz, and a
      98# Doberman easily. Proper “early start to training”, I could walk my
      German Shepherd with the leash in my mouth, and a cat or Postman could
      cross the street and she never broke her stride. BTW all my dogs were
      spoiled with love and attention, but well trained happy dogs.

    2. mike zzig

      computerPhobe: Yeah and I’m King of England , to see a puppy with a leash ,
      inside the house??for me is cruel intentions toward Innocent animals

    3. computerPhobe

      +mike zzig
      -mike…have you ever seen a dog walk his human? I have an idiot neighbor
      who got a Pit Bull as a small puppy, when the puppy was 1yr old and weighed
      about 75# the guy was being pulled all over. Then he started letting it
      out the back door, the dog was fearful, which is a dangerous dog, and did
      not respond to command. I trained dogs for over 63 years. When the dog is
      young you start off in baby steps. If you intend the dog to be an indoor
      dog you do as I suggested in one of my numerous posts, put a leash and
      collar on the puppy asap to begin to get them adjusted to it for later
      use. In the house first, then the yard, then the street, etc. I hope you
      don’t have a dog that you have just thrown out in your yard and never
      interact with it, or love it, or teach it manners so it is a social, happy,
      loving dog.

    4. mike zzig

      computerPhobe; You trained dogs for over 63 years.? a lots years then I
      will keep my mouth shut , 63 years woooww

    1. Dedrergenert

      You’re All Sick people like you will be eridicated from this world one day
      soon and long forgotten. youre hopelessly jealous that a puppy only a few
      months old gets more respect than you.

  4. Amjid Khan

    The collar is tight. But what happens if the lead gets wrapped around the
    baby’s neck? It’s dangerous not sweet at all

    1. WarLord Era

      You must not have noticed the cameraman filming right at the two. Or the
      two voices talking nearby off camera. Common sense can help a lot in life.

    1. computerPhobe

      x… No. Just a plethora of babies and puppy lovers!! Thank you for sharing
      this, and especially the 3-year update.

    1. computerPhobe

      Wyatt…ha ha! My first thought when I saw my brand new baby was OMG he
      looks like my Grandpa, no teeth, bald, all wrinkly, and grumpy! Baby
      animals have to be cute to get us humans to give them a home. But you have
      to take your baby home no matter how ugly it looks for a couple of month.

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