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Hey all My Siberian husky pup Luna is now 7 months old and has been sleeping in her crate with no issues overnight for months now.

2 days ago, around 1am she whines so we take her out to the bathroom and to get some water and bring her back into her crate and she continued to whine for the best part of an hour. Needing sleep as we were both up at 6:30am we let her in with us to sleep on the floor.

Last night she does the EXACT same thing, aprt from its 2am this time and because I didn’t let her out to potty in time she pooped on my living room floor…. then whines for the best part of 40 minutes until I let her out again.

Nothing has changed in her routine, she has a large crate although we admit she could probably do with an x large soon as she’s getting quite big but we don’t understand why this is happening now. This hasn’t happened to us in months since Luna was around 3/4 months old.

Any suggestions? I know we could leave her whining but we both have early starts in the morning, we live in flat complex and her whines and cries are quite loud, we can hear them through the closed door.


Edit: I can’t upload Puppy tax but her Instagram is @lunabuglahusky 😊

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