Six killed as helicopter gate-crashes in center Italy close to avalanche site

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Police allege emergency measures aircraft was evacuating an disabled skier when it came down near resort of Campo Felice

Six beings have been killed after apache helicopters crashed near a ski used in a zone of center Italy still reeling from an avalanche that engulfed a hotel last week.

There were reports of a raucous detonation when the emergency response helicopter came down near Campo Felice, a popular ski used 75 miles east of Rome, during the course of its evacuation of an disabled skier.

The area where it came down is hard to access at the best of hours, and dense haze is clearing it even harder, alleged a police spokesman. Several squads are trying to got to get.

Campo Felice, located at an altitude of 710 metres( 2,330 ft) but with pistes up to simply over 2,000 metres, is close to the epicentres of shakes that impressed the region last Wednesday and were followed by the deadly avalanche.

Police said there was no apparent link between the clang and the seismic task or the avalanche.

The crash happened as firefighters and mountain police strove with the aftermath of the earthquakes and avalanche. A crew of first responders who had been helping the recovery try at the Hotel Rigopiano was dispatched to the helicopter accident area.

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