Single/dating pup parents: Are you more picky now?

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Kind of a strange question, I know, but I’m curious. Since bringing home my girl in May (she’s 7 months now), it’s really opened my eyes to how some people see dogs. I was dating someone when I brought her home who hit her, pinned her down and told me “she needed to learn”. I dumped him and only speak to him when I have to – he has also had dogs his whole life & has a wonderful 3 year old dog, who, yes, he hits and claims it’s ok.

I was talking to/kind of seeing another guy relatively recently who went on a really…gross rant about pitbulls and how they’re vicious and dangerous dogs and how he wanted to kill a leash reactive pit he ran into. I sat there not really knowing what to do, especially since my girl is an AmStaff mix and later in life I plan to rescue older pitbulls when the time is right. I couldn’t decide if it was crazy to stop seeing someone because of their opinions about pitbulls, but given my pup’s history with…less than gentle men, I cut it off.

So! I’m curious to hear, do you think I’m nuts? Have you done anything like this to keep your pup’s best interests at heart?

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