Sick Puppies – You’re Going Down

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Music video by Sick Puppies performing Maybe. (P) (C) 2010 Virgin Records The U.S.A., Inc. All rights reserved. Unapproved reproduction is an infraction of appropriate laws. Manufactured by Virgin Records The U.S.A., Inc., Capitol Records, LLC, 150 Fifth Opportunity, New york city, NY 10011.

61 thoughts on “Sick Puppies – You’re Going Down

  1. shadowthehh2

    I’ve loved this song for years.

    This is my first time watching the music video and I’m disappointed to see
    it’s just abunch of scene edgelords playing with waterguns…

    1. I don't trust all dogs but I trust some dogs

      shadowthehh2 based on your picture I feel you’re one of these “edgelords”
      you speak of

    2. shadowthehh2

      +I don’t trust all dogs but I trust some dogs I don’t see how a picture of
      Nova making a weird face makes me an edgelord but okay.

    3. I don't trust all dogs but I trust some dogs

      shadowthehh2 what is this “nova”…… nobody uses real pictures anymore.

    4. shadowthehh2

      +I don’t trust all dogs but I trust some dogs UberHaxorNova. My favorite
      YouTuber. My past few pictures have just been screenshots of him making
      silly faces.

    1. Tabitha Gaming

      lol there’s still good music out there.. I hate when people say that oh I
      miss when music was good.. it’s because you’re not looking for good music
      anymore.. after a certain age many people stop paying attention to the
      music scene in its entirety and most of them never really looked to begin
      with and they only listened to whatever music fit under certain labels


      Tabitha Gaming I agree there I s good music but what we’re saying is that
      we miss the old days because of the way music was back then and don’t say
      it hasn’t changed because it has and people have gotten dumber but I never
      said you’re dumb so don’t think I’m talking bout you

  2. SirMuffin LIVE

    People are laughing at the kids having a waterfight but I remember the
    intensity of when I had water fights and this song wraps it up well, also
    SvR 2010!!!!

  3. SRBproducs

    Why do girls normally prefer the bass??? Im NOT sexist, just that normally
    when theres one girl in a band full of guys shes either the vocalist or
    playing bass, to alot musicians nowadays the bass is looked as the easiest
    instrument in a band to play, and it just kinda bugs me that the only
    female in the band plays the easiest instrument in the band.I just find it
    a bit hypocritcal that women dont want to be seen as weak or dependable
    ,but you choose the easiest instrument in the band??? I really dont mean to
    offend anyone hell i wouldnt have a problem with it if there were MORE
    girls playing guitar or drums,(drummer girls are one of the most
    badass/HOTTEST thing on the planet!)Im serious ,I was once in a music
    Appreciation class and no joke ,the majority of the girls in my class
    choose a bass guitar. Again not trying to offend but ,does no one else see
    this as hypocritical?

    1. SRBproducs

      +Corbin Armbruster​ Im not look at fictional rock bands when theres a girl
      in the band there more likely to be playing the bass! Care to explain
      THAT?! Or the fact that girls are more likely to stick with the instrument
      cause its the easiest to them. I wouldnt be talking about this if there
      were waay more girls playing guitar and drums ,but the majority just choose
      the bass and thats it…also most of the i know who play bass cant slap or
      pop and just use picks, hell at first i didnt think nothing of it untill my
      best friends who are GIRLS them selves pointed it out to me. These are
      girls who wont play bass because they feel its the easist way for THEM to
      join a band,and there kinda right. Im talking about girls who JUST play
      bass and DONT sing. If you sing and play bass thats DIFFERNT but just
      playing bass and standing there looking pretty and playing whole notes is
      hypocritical when girls are normally against being looked as people who
      take the easy way out. Thats like a girl who joins the army but has men
      carry her stuff,which i have seen. Being in the military usually means
      toughness and bassery ,’Im gonna go to the military to show i can be tough,
      you mind carrying this gun,canteen ammo and helmut for me?”
      If you do enough research youll see im right!

    2. Corbin Armbruster (Corbo)

      +SRBproducs I’ve known many bands especially local bands where girls have
      sung, played lead guitar, drums, etc so I still don’t understand where
      you’re coming from. Famous or well known bands maybe, but other than that,
      there are a ton of women that are playing other instruments lol

    3. SRBproducs

      +Corbin Armbruster​ well it might be different down here,but really look at
      fictional rock bands ,most of them that have one girl in it has them
      playing bass! And I can see how some girls see it as degrading.

    4. SidNightWalker

      You’re not counting lead singers right? Not that there aren’t of course a
      ridiculous amount of female lead singers that fall clearly in the realm of
      badass. But anyway, this band is pretty varied and complex with how they
      use their instruments, I doubt it’s that damn easy to play bass in this
      band. This song has an obvious bass riff but in most of their songs it’s
      much more of a blend with the main guitar.

    1. xTGOx Hypnos

      backyard warfare? wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the title of the next
      Call of Duty 😆😆😆😆😆😆

    1. Recce Ferarri

      Soapy Sly it was the theme tune to the first ever extreme PPV rules in 2009
      & Wwe put the song on 2010 Smackdown vs Raw game


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