Sia uprights nude photo for free to frustrate paparazzi

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Sia took affairs into her own hands Monday evening after received information that paparazzi were attempting to sell nude photos of her.

The eight-time Grammy nominee is notoriously private, usually obscuring herself behind large-scale wigs and wild clothes in her music videos and live recitals. In point, up until very recently, she’d rarely even revealed her look to fans–so it’s safe to say a full nude portrait probably wasn’t on her to-do inventory. Yet 15 grainy telephoto images of the singer’s unclothed backside were apparently being patronized around to potential customers this week. The vendor would tantalize the packet with one watermarked photo and hope that once some fund was moved their direction they’d provide an unmarked version, plus 14 additional images.

The singer get her handwritings on the acknowledgments, though, and decided to beat the sellers to the pierce by secreting the likenes herself.

On Twitter sometime Monday night, she wrote: “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free .”

She likewise seized the opportunity to promote her forthcoming Christmas album, Everyday is Christmas, whichhits shelves Nov. 17. It will reportedly aspect 10 original holiday lyrics, including: “Underneath the Christmas Lights, ” “Candy Cane Lane, ” and “Puppies are Forever.”

Scheme: thwarted.

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