Showdown with Holly | Dog Whisperer

While taking care of Holly's food aggressiveness, Cesar gets bitten on the hand.
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Showdown with Holly|Dog Whisperer

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71 thoughts on “Showdown with Holly | Dog Whisperer

  1. Milan Borizovski

    My father grew up with dogs,all dogs wanted him , as a master,he didn’t
    wispered at them , he punshed them if they did wrong,..once a dog we had
    bit my sisters hand. My dad grab him on the muzzle,and said to my sister to
    touch his head, everytime when my sister tries to touch him he growls,that
    same moment my father hits him on the head, happend 3-4 times till my
    dog realised that the hate against my sister means pain. It never bit her
    again. See, dogs are not men’S best friend they are men’s best servant.

    1. Laziza Mukhamedova

      Milan Borizovski stfu honestly you’re so ignorant I think I might’ve lost
      some brain cells from reading this

    2. Michael Robinson

      I agree people wanna coddle their got damn pets, I guarantee, ceasar has
      put his loafers up a few canine asses or too. Sometimes the fuckers have to
      be reminded you’ll snap their fucking spine if they don’t remember,
      who’ Charse.

  2. vidyaWolf

    He deliberately threatens and attacks this dog, then proceeds to ignore
    every calming signal in the book, including aggressive growling and on top
    of that claims he “didn’t see that coming”. What a fucking moron. He can’t
    even pass a simple dog trainer test.
    That’s like failing your driving test and then claiming you’re the best
    race car driver in the world. Ridiculous!

    1. Chef Samuel

      AROUND THE WORLD !!! HE IS RIDICULOUS !!!!.. Now what about you MASTER of
      DOG ?

    1. Ardavan Amiri

      Scratch Beats my golden would find cockroaches and torture them until they
      were ready to be eaten. But he has never bitten anyone.

    2. Pass Datass

      +Carlos Lopez All you do is pretend I’m not making arguments to escape the
      fact that you haven’t been able to provide a single thing of worth to this
      would-be conversation.

    1. Tyson Sprinter

      +Andrew Jackson​ *dog chomps down on wrist*
      “Oh, you pretty little thing! *pain* *pain*”
      *dog rips off finger*
      “Oh you cute little thang, playing a little rough there now, calm down! Bad

    1. NonFat Booger

      Knight of Shade Kid what do you mean? That’s why he has this job so people
      like you don’t put down a dog that became like this because us humans.

    1. Snuddjr

      The dog showed clear signs that it didn’t want to bite him in the first
      place… the dog just wanted the stranger to back away from him…. then
      when the stranger didn’t the dog protected itself…

    1. __Shannon__

      +CDAI 22 SHOTZ The dog wasn’t angry in the first place. It was scared. Look
      at his demeanour, he is making himself little, it is scared. To hurt a dog
      instead of teaching him via positive reinforcement is easy and stupid.
      Behaviour like that is necessary in wild nature. I thought we evolved to be
      a little smarter than four legged animals. But what do I know, right? The
      same kind of thing with kids. Beating them is more damaging than anything
      else. Studies have showed that. And telling me to shut up was really rude,
      sir. Oh and another thing, about the officers, yeah, we all heard what kind
      of good people the police officers are in america. Bad example.

    2. CDAI 22 SHOTZ

      *_Shannon_* your argument is so broken up that it is almost impossible to
      understand, if a dog feels as if it is intimidated then it’s first instinct
      shouldn’t be attack, if this dog was around children for example, that
      would be a tad problematic? You also made a absurd blanket statement about
      children, last time I checked, the brain structure among humans and dogs
      are completely different, positive reinforcement doesn’t work with animals,
      negative things have to be associated with punishments. Don’t reply to me,
      please; you’re arguments hold no basis.

    3. CDAI 22 SHOTZ

      *_Shannon_* we are smarter than them, and we must convey our dominance over
      them, if we all shared the mind set like you, the human race wouldn’t have
      thrived. We didn’t get where we wanted in society by being nice to animals?
      Facts and logic over feelings.

    4. Wologan B.

      He’s a shitty trainer and every single dog trainer that knows what they’re
      doing know’s he’s a fucking asshat and has no idea what he’s doing. The dog
      gave him several warnings and he keeps trying to “dominate” a dog as if
      it’s in a wolf hierarchy (even though that myth has been completely
      debunked, you can’t train a dog the same way you’d train a wolf)

    1. Vishal

      I was just thinking how he goes so near to a dog that bites and doesn’t get
      scared of having his balls bitten off lol

    2. steam steam

      It’s just to drive up his street cred I think. He said he wasn’t expecting
      it. Don’t forget this guy IS a professional. If he WAS expecting a bite I
      don’t believe he would’ve put his balls there. Maybe he wore a cup. It’s
      rediculously unresponsible to encourage this sort of bullshit regardless.

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