show me some great small dogs!

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with some stigma around small dogs and all to do with their owners, we need some good positivity about how amazing small dogs are.

this is my girl. she's a patterdale. she's really quick to learn but very mischievous. so her learning how to pass by dogs and walk calmly took years outside, even though she got it at home. im so proud of all of her progress. she can walk past any dog and not bark. years ago she would bark at any dog larger than her, but now she can walk by and even say hellos off lead (she runs around in circles and invites dogs into a chase rather than confrontation) she can carry sticks home. i know sticks aren't great for dogs, but she doesn't get then as a toy. she only finds joy to carry them. and doesn't pick up a random stick at all, if i present it to her she'll carry it. won't do this with anything else. can carry a stick 2-3x the length of her, she loves it.

she knows lots of tricks. im trying to go more towards obedience with her but she knows how to sit, down, roll over, paw and shake, sit up, jump on my back and off again, jump over my leg or through hoops, spin/twirl. she only knows sit, stay, down and roll over on command but she loves doing tricks. she also loves green beans, cucumber, carrots and sweet potato. though at the moment she's on green beans and cucumber as they're low in calories/sugar for treats only. she still gets her biscuits.

she doesn't like children, or certain dogs such as border collies, huskies and rotties. it's all dogs with these certain markings that get her all scared. she had this child pull on her tail once and with her having a docked tail it really hurt her. she also has a scar on her leg from something, could have been a dog but nobody knows her past. she's fine with walking about children, some she says hello to. but i often steer clear of other dogs just so that she's as comfortable and confident as possible. ive already started to make her sit down before a dog walks by but now im asking her to walk as the dog walks by. she usually does this anyway but it's to transition her to be calmer whilst walking by other dogs.

so yeah, tell me about your small dogs. and why they're great.

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