Should I have crated my puppy last night?

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Picked up a poodle puppy yesterday and after a long day in the car (12 hours ruin trip for me and 6 for him), didn’t really have much desire to do anything but sleep when I got us home. I could tell my (still nameless) pup was tired too. He wanted nothing more than to hop up on the bed with me and every time he did he conked out within a minute.

Transferring him to the crate from there was the tricky part though. He’d always wake up and whine. I ended up letting him sleep with me because I didn’t have enough time to properly introduce him to the crate I basically would’ve just been shoving him in there for the first time before bed and I don’t think that’s fair of course he whined his head off. I also don’t want him to get into the habit of whining until he gets his way though, because that’s definitely what happened lol. I just didn’t want his initial reaction to the crate to make a negative association or whatever. I plan on getting him very comfortable with the crate today and moving foward.

Is the puppy tax a thing here?

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