Should I carry my puppy around in areas of the house he’s unfamiliar with to prevent potty accidents?

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We have been trying to confine my puppy to the living room area because it’s the busiest part of the house and we can keep a really close eye on him there. He’s getting good at letting us know when he’s gotta go out by ringing a bell that we have hung on the door. However, when I go in the kitchen to cook, or go to the laundry room to fold clothes, he always likes to follow. I have no problem with him if he’d stick right next to me. However, he’s a nosy little thing and being a puppy means he’s got a lot of new things to explore in areas he’s not familiar with. He tends to wander off when I have my back turned for 0.2 seconds and then I always catch him sniffing. I can never tell if he’s sniffing because he’s curious, or if he’s sniffing because he needs to potty. Which leads me to my first question: How can I tell if he’s just being curious, or if he’s sniffing because he’s about to have an accident in the house? Finally, I’ve been wondering if maybe I should just carry him around in one of those little baby harnesses lol. He’s so tiny and loves to be held anyways, and it would prevent me from having to watch him like a hawk because then he couldn’t wander off….. Is this a good idea? Or will it teach him to be too co-dependent on me? I want him expose him to different parts of the house slowly, but I’m just not sure how to do it without over stimulating him. Any advice? I don’t want to confuse him. I’m worried I’m doing a bad job at this 🙁

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