Should I be worried that my pup sleeps like a maniac?

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I was giving a pup who’s 7 weeks old (family ran into some crisis and couldn’t keep the dog. They didn’t wanna sell it either, so I asked if I could take care of it.)

The pup is a pure Yorkie and he is so adorable and tiny!

It’s his first night at my house, and so far he has adjusted pretty well to his play pen where he has his bed. Once I took him to a totally different room from where he has his toys and bed, he started shivering and crying and I don’t know if that’s normal, but once I brought him back to his little area, he seemed fine and played with his toys.

Right now he’s asleep, but his sleep positioning is pretty weird!

HERE are pictures of him sleeping. He either sleeps buried under the snuggle pup toy with the pulsating heart toy, sticks his nose deep inside the pillow, or he hangs from one side of the bed.

I’m not sure if this is a normal sleeping positions for puppies? Could it be because I’m overcrowding his bed with that gigantic toy? Any help would be appreciated!

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