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I know the title says whispers but that's just an attention grabber since my shiba(9 weeks) has been screaming bloody murder. I've been putting him into his crate to sleep at night. It usually goes like this, I'll put him in after I completely wear him out, for example last night I made sure he ran and played for 4 hours. 4 HOURS. He went potty 30 minutes before I tried putting him in his crate. He usually lays on the ground and starts to sleep, then. I'll put him in the crate and the screaming begins. Maybe 20 minutes of screaming, then he'll fall asleep for 3-4 hours, I'll take him out to go potty, make it a boring trip.

Then put him back in his crate and he will scream for maybe an hour, sleep for an hour, then continue to scream for an hour, sleep 10 minutes, scream for an hour and repeatedly into the morning. His crate is in a closet with a window, I have classical music playing softly for him, blankets covering his crate, a soft toy for him, and a blanket.

What am I doing wrong, because this incessant screaming is going to end up having me to give him away as there are other people that live in this house that need to sleep for work. My first shiba I only ever heard scream maybe 3 times. So I admit I am completely not used to this.

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