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Hi all 🙂

Fiancé and I have recently bought a house. Wanting to build a family without children, we want dog(s). In particular we either want a shiba or Akita. We both have grown up with several dogs so know a lot about training them, but never had either of these breeds.

We’ve been researching (the house isn’t dog ready yet) and there’s a lot about both breeds being difficult to train, being destructive, can’t be left alone, aggressive and solitary. I just wondered how much some of this advice should be followed, in anyone’s experience? I think, in my experience, every dog can be this way if not trained properly, but is it especially prominent in these breeds?

We would like 2 dogs eventually, but if these breeds will clash with other dogs then it won’t be possible, or would it be possible through proper socialisation? I know the advice is generalised but my fiancé says stereotypes exist for a reason so I just wanted to check here. 🙂 I don’t want to buy a dog and not be able to give it a good home, obviously.


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