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Hi all! So I recently got an 8-week old Shiba Inu girl who is way below the threshold – she's 2 pounds exactly. Normally I believe by 8 weeks they're around 5+ pounds. I know she's purebred, so I know she'll just end up being a smaller girl, which I'm fine with.

She came from a giant farm and now she lives in the city (with me of course). On the car ride home she demanded to be in my arms the entire time and slept and cuddled with me and would cry when I wasn't holding her. I was surprised since I've looked up that shibas aren't particularly cuddly or affectionate. She also seems weirdly attached to me now, but I also don't know if it's 'attachment' or she can see a weakness since shiba's aren't like other dogs and tend to be self-fulfilling dogs rather than owner-focused.

I'm a relatively new dog owner, but my boyfriend isn't, and I've done a ton of research. On my own in a week I've already taught her her own name, sit, and come, which I feel like would be a huge accomplishment if she actually did these commands in a real outdoor setting.

Inside she does them usually (except when she's feeling stubborn – but I expected this) but when we go outside I can't get her attention at all. I can't even get her to walk; she ends up getting too distracted by absolutely everything. We've gotten 4 different types of treats, and one brand has her undivided attention inside, but outside nothing seems to matter at all. She doesn't listen to any commands, and when I try to use a treat to encourage her to sit or something, she won't even look at me. She's too focused sniffing the ground the whole time. I don't know if this means she's not treat focused or if I just haven't found the right treat with OR if it's too early to decide anything since we just got her a week ago.

Sorry, I'm a new dog mom and I want to make sure I'm making the right steps early in her life so that she can have the best chance at success later on. I know shiba's are a particularly difficult breed, and I'm prepared to buy more treats if I have to or do whatever. LOL.

So I guess I want to know: Do you guys also think 2 pounds is a little small for an 8 week old shiba inu girl? Do you guys have any suggestions on getting your dog's attention when their behavior is totally different inside vs outside? And any other suggestions and/or advice you guys want to give, please help a girl out! 🙂 I've done a lot of research but I feel like every dog is different I think, and researching normally shiba's are very food focused, but I'm not sure about her.

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