She’s Amazing and I Don’t Want to Ruin Her

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Hey Guys,

I really want to give Frankie a great life and I’m hoping you guys can help me to not screw it up! She’s 3/4 Queensland heeler, 1/4 border collie and 10 weeks old.

We picked Frankie up from an adorable farm a week ago. She lived with a bunch of dogs and had a ton of room to run. Our first night in our small city house was rough and she freaked when she met my Boston terrier. Now that some time has passed…Oh my gosh this dog is so special. Such a happy puppy. Potty trained immediately with no accidents.

So…Frankie is a joy and I’m obsessed with her, but some behaviors worry me. First of all, every time she meets a dog regardless of how friendly they are or if they bark or not, she instantly runs away and yelps as if she was attacked. She doesn’t calm down for a while. She did this with our Boston but was fine the next morning when they woke up in the same house.

I’m equally worried about the breed tendencies she might be showing already. She’s a little mouthy anyway, but when she chews on us or things we quickly replace it with a toy and all is well. She’s not playing very nicely with our Boston though. Over the last couple of days she’s started to nip at his back legs. Like they are playing adorably and then she only goes for his legs, so my sweet Boston picks his little legs up one at a time. It seems friendly and our Boston is so calm he lets her do it. Right now her bite is light but I’m really worried she will hurt him when she’s bigger and stronger.

I love her and want to raise a happy, well adjusted dog. Is there anything I can do or do I need to save up for a trainer to be sure I don’t screw it up?

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