Shared Yard Aggression?

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We adopted a two year old lab mix from the shelter about three weeks ago. She's been great with the dogs we encounter on walks and remains calm even if they jump on her, bark/growl, or try to jam their nose up her butt. Her interest in all other dogs has ranged from total indifference to having fun playing in a kiddie pool with a dog my neighbor watches once a week.

However, we share a yard with our neighbor who has a female pit-mix that our dog cannot stand. After the initial butt-sniffing, my dog avoided the neighbor dog when they were alone, and would growl when we petted the other dog. Last night they were outside together and our dog bit the neighbor dog. She broke the skin, but didn't cause any permanent damage.

Obviously they can't be in the yard together unsupervised, and maybe not at all, but what would y'all recommend to try to mend their relationship? I don't care if they're best buds, but it would be great if they could be outside at the same time.

Our neighbor has been super chill/understanding and is open to scheduling walks together and/or training that involves her dog too.

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