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It’s always annoying when we get unwanted advice from complete strangers. The two times it happened recently for me, I was walking my 5 month old pup who loves sticks over toys, and she apparently had a stick in her mouth like the happy pup she was. Out of nowhere, some guy urgently let me know that she had a stick in her mouth. I said, “Yeah…she does that sometimes.” And he was like “I JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW.” 🙄And the second time was this morning. My pup was being particularly crazy so I decided to give her a walk despite the rain. We run into a man with three older dogs and he says under his breath, “You seem a bit too small to be out in this weather.” Just for reference, we live in England. If we didn’t walk her every time it rained, we would never walk her. Please share your favorite unsolicited advice stories because I need a good laugh.

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