Service Puppy + Puppy Blues + Mental Illness

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I'm Autistic with severe anxiety and depression but I've been doing a bit better recently, well enough that I thought that I'd be capable enough to look after a service dog and I'd get the benefit of a service dog to help me so maybe I could start training or work. Now I live in Australia so if you want a psychiatric dog you pretty much have no option but to adopt a dog and then train it with the help of an organisation. So with the aid of one of these organisations I adopted a puppy three days ago.

Problem, the majority of the time I've been around her I feel like I can't stand her. She's lovely, I mean she bites a lot but she's a puppy, not her fault. I just feel like I'm not looking after her properly, like I'm not doing enough for her and I feel selfish for wanting time alone because she sticks to me like glue (which I'm starting to resent her for). My depression has gotten worse since I've gotten her, I've started feeling suicidal again when I haven't in months. I just don't know if I can do this. I often feel like I don't want her around, like I should give her back to the breeder. Is this feeling common? Does it go away? Should I just give up?

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