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Hi, looking for some advice for our 5 month old Chow chow.

We have a metal pen fence set up in front of the door to the outside ( incase he has an accident whilst we're out and we then open the door and spread it across the floor). The problem is he is struggling with being left alone, after a short time that we have left he is able to just move the fence out the way and he will either try to scratch at the door to escape or just sit against it and bark.

Video of the fence we have and the dog moving it with ease.

I have been trying to slowly build up the time I leave him but he it seem he just goes backwards after we managed to get to ten minutes.

I have a camera to watch him whilst I'm leaving him so should I wait until I see he is about to move the fence and then go back in?

I've tried researching this but just looking for people with experience to help me. I will have to go back to the office a couple of days a week in the next 2 months and I want to him to be ready so he can be left for 3-4 hours (if he is not ready I will make arrangements so he can be looked after).

Basically worried we will never be able to leave him and looking for advice and reassuance please.

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