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When we first adopted our 8 week old puppy – he had terrible seperation anxiety. We did a feeding schedule in crate, gradual positive enforcement for open crate time, tried several placements on the crate next to bed etc. He would bark non-stop all night for the first two weeks or so. We quickly learned this behavior wasn't just crate but any AND ALL alone time. 🙁

At night we ultimately gave up – instead sectioned a small part of our kitchen and let him sleep with our older dog. There was an area for his puppy pads, a sleeping nook and water. There was one door closed and one puppy gate so we could peak in. With a human or another dog he was always quiet.

In the day we kept up the alone time training. We worked on throwing treats when quiet and still did feeding and high reward Kong time in crate alone. Small sessions day by day. It was painful. Some days I felt he was regressing. I was losing my damn mind.

Today – by some miracle – I put the older dog and pup in the kitchen. (Needed to take a work call in silence). Older dog hopped out of puppy gate (probably equally sick of puppy). And puppy stayed quiet alone in there for AN ENTIRE HOUR. I ended up giving him a bully stick and intentionally setting alone time in the kitchen twice today in small half hour sessions.

No howling, no pissing himself, no whinning. Took until 11 weeks but he now feels confident being alone in this part of the home.

It may not be the crate – but it's still a huge win. For those with seperation anxiety blues – it can get better 🎉🎊

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