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My 1-year-old dog can't be alone / without us. She was abandoned as a young puppy and has been like this since we rescued her. Since we work from home, she is rarely alone. When she is, she barks and whines incessantly (we recorded it, it once went up to 5 hours).

Our vet recommended we follow a simple training program, where we:

give her something, like a toy, she loves but doesn't have full access to, and then leave to another room gradually increase the time we spend in the other room eventually, leave the house

The first time, it worked wonders. She loved the toy and got distracted by it and we spent a few minutes in the other room.

However, in the next sessions as soon as we left the room, she came chasing after us. We ignored it but she didn't leave the door, continuously crying. Eventually, when she stopped, we came out and, after a bunch of jumping, she went back to the toy.

I suspect we're doing something wrong. Any tips? Any other methods to improve this?

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