Separation anxiety, potty trained and Venting (bit puppy blues too)

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Hi all,

I have a 11 weeks old male golden retrieved, his name is Worf, and he is the sweetest puppy. Worf is very well behaved, the potty training was good until tonight. He pooped inside his playpen tonight, for the first time since we got him three weeks ago.

I went out on a dinner date with my husband for 1.5 hours. We took him for a 10 minutes walk, play outside for 5 minutes, and he also peed and pooped outside while we doing all this. So we are pretty comfortable leaving him in his playpen. I have leave him inside his crate before for 2-3 hours when I was running errands. He usually sleeping. He rad no tired tonight so we put him in his playpen. He barked a little bit when we left.

When we came back home, his playpen covered with his poop, the crate also cover with his poop, he was also cover in poop. It was so disgusting. I cleaned the floor 4 times while my husband cleaned him. I am wondering if he developing separation anxiety. I am home most of the time and in the past three days he is been following me around. If I am in the kitchen he will be in the kitchen, if I an I the living room, he will be there, if I am taking shower he will be in the bathroom. When I leave the room, he'll bark and cry. This only happened in the past three days. How to fix this? How to potty trained him again? He was pretty good, minimum accident but tonight, I feel tired, exhausted, and desperate 🙁

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