Separation anxiety/golden doodle tips?

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We just picked her up on Tuesday. She’s already doing very well with car rides, walks, going up stairs & sleeping most of the night. We don’t crate her she’s just been sleeping on our bed or one of hers so far.

If my boyfriend leaves she’ll fuss for a bit, if I do or she knows I’m in another room she’ll fuss non stop, even if she can see me but not get to me. We’ve been trying to wear an old shirt & then leave it with her, it works sort of well with my bf. She’ll just lay down next to it & nap.

Some of the guides I read said to socialise as much by 12 weeks, she’s 11 right now, so I’ve been taking her out to busy areas like Lowes, pet stores, Starbucks etc. She’s very relaxed if I’m around or both of us, I took her to a fair yesterday & she had a great time. It was probably all the people wanting to pet or get her picture though!

She’s doing well with house training, only a few accidents so far. She seems to be having a harder time learning her name. We’ll say her name & when she looks either do a treat or praise her or both.

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