Separation anxiety, crate training, unable to distract with toys

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We recently adopted a dog from a shelter that is a few years old and are trying to crate train and house train him. We've read about various ways to distract the dog such as with a stuffed Kong or chew toy, but our dog seems uninterested in toys. We've bought a variety of things – Kong, banana with slit for treats, squeaky ball, rope, stuffed chew toys… A little interested in the rope but only for a few minutes outside the crate. The only way I've managed to get him to go in and enjoy the crate is with treats, but he's a small dog so the vet said to also go easy on treats. Plus he eats really fast. What else can I do to distract him and make the crate more enjoyable? He mostly wants to stand and just stare at me or in my direction (if I'm in the next room) and occasionally he'll nap.

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