Separation Anxiety, 2 homes?

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So my five month old pup has been struggling with separation anxiety. I am blessed to have the best parents in the world who are retired and puppysit for me while I'm at work full time through out the week.

His separation anxiety has really taken a toll on my mental health. I live alone so for weeks all I would do is rush home from work, pick him up, and then be home all evening and weekend with him. I started to feel like a prisoner in my home and I really feel quite uncomfortable and alone here now.

Came to an agreement with my amazing parents, who are retired and still very concerned with leaving home during pandemic. They will keep him late one evening so that I can run some errands and then on Saturday evening (even overnight) so that I can have some alone time or a visit with a friend to try to calm down.

So at this point the pup will pretty much be spending more time with them than with me. He is happy as can be at their home with their dog and they are also helping me with training him to be alone (which seems to be going better there, maybe because of their dog being there too).

Is it bad for him to be spending so much time away from me/his home? Or is it good for him to learn it's okay to be away from me? I feel like this situation is best for my mental health right now, but I want to work up to the pup being comfortable alone in his own home too.

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