Senior Dog having hard time with new Adoption

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I have a 7 year old, female King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. She has been an only dog since I got her at 10 weeks. She is Good Citizen Certified but has had an aversion to other dogs her whole life. She naps alot and likes petting when we are sitting down but will get her fill and go lay on her bed or the other side of the couch.

Almost 2 weeks ago, we adopted a 10 month old female Cavalier that came from a nice home with 3 small children and another 3 year old male Cavalier (both fixed) but the mom couldn't handle all of the extra responsibility of dogs.

First night we brought the puppy home, I had planned on kenneling the new puppy in Senior's old kennel (she usually just sleeps anywhere outside our bedroom now, so she didn't use it) but Senior jumped in it as soon as I took it out so I got another kennel so it was equal. At first, I wouldn't close the door to the kennel for Senior when we left the house or went to bed but our trainer said that Junior wouldn't understand the freedom of Senior and I needed to treat them equally. (let me know if this seems right?)

I am having an issue with Senior accepting Junior. Junior is SUPER affectionate and wants to snuggle and be anywhere I am. Junior even tried to play with Senior a few times, but Senior was not having it and walked away. I feel like Senior resents me. She has changed. I try to treat them the same and show them the same affection, but all Senior ever wants to do now is sleep in her kennel. I try to keep her involved and petted on the couch with Junior, but she only puts up with pets for a short while and only wants to be in her kennel (more isolated than usual). I am having a hard time treating them equally when Senior never wants to be around me anymore. I make sure that Junior isn't aggravating Senior and if Junior tries to intercept a pet meant for Senior, I tell Junior no and to wait her turn.

I REALLY want my pups to get along but more importantly, I want Senior to know how much I love her and I do not want her to think she has been replaced. I want to make sure I am doing everything right as early as possible.

Please help. Thanks.

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