Seeking training recommendations for 8 mo. beagle

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My boyfriend and I adopted an 8 month old beagle, Utah, about 2 weeks ago, and I am trying to find the best way to train him. He came to us from a family that said they "knew nothing about dogs" so I'm assuming there was no structured training going on. He already has a lot of problematic behaviors like biting, jumping on top of tables, and digging out of the yard. He is also very attention motivated, so if we stop paying attention to him for even a few seconds, he will find a way to make us pay attention, ranging from whining, to peeing, to tearing up furniture/the lawn. I'm ready to give a lot of time and energy to training, but I'm having some trouble finding a good training method for Utah. Dr. Ian Dunbar seems to be well liked, but when I looked into him he seemed to be pretty strict about developmental deadlines, which got me discouraged. Does anybody have any recommendations so that both Utah and his humans can live happily?

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