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Hi All!

I adopted my 5 y/o dog in March of this year, just before COVID-19 began to shut everything down. He was given to the shelter after biting a kid, or trying to and biting somebody in the process. I've been working with him to teach him the basics. Sit, Down, Wait, etc. He's struggling with his recall, though. And he has a bad case of selective hearing that I've been trying to break through.

Anyway, he does have some pretty extreme fearful agression. Most of this agression occurs when we're in the car or outside in the yard, and ocassionally when people visit my home. He is also agressive in dark areas- I want to say this is because of bad eyesight. I've got an appointment with a vet here soon, so I should know if this could be the case. He's never shown agression towards me, and when I take him out for his walks he seems to get really anxious or excited when he sees another dog/person. I knew when I adopted him, that I'd have to work with his behaviour, but because of a really unexpected move, I had to cancel his classes and we never got to attend them. I just moved into a new state, so I know that he is probably really confused and anxious already, but the area I moved into has a lot of kids and dogs here, and I don't want him to bite another child.

I'm on the Maryland side of DC, on Fort Meade, if anybody is familiar with that area. I'm looking for a well-reputable place that can help my dog with his fear and anxiety. I've been looking at places already, but if anybody has some suggestions, that would be great! I don't mind a drive, either.

Thank You, All!

I'll also probably be posting this to r/washingtondc and r/maryland.

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