Seeking advice: Young husky causing problems for older dog

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tl;dr young husky starting to dominate older husky and people. Send help.

We have two male huskies, both desexed but quite far apart in age. The puppy is now 1 year old and the older one is 12. Overall our biggest issue is the young one starting to terrorize the older one.

Our puppy came from somewhat of a questionable background and so we put a lot of effort into training him out of his food aggression, and severe anxiety issues (attachment, leash training etc) and he has done incredibly well since then.

Recently however, he has started to mount and continually fight with our older dog. The older dog still fights back a bit, but he is starting to fully submit in the last few days (lying on his back) which isn't stopping the 1 year old from attacking him. The 1yr old also gets very possessive and jealous of any attention not directed at him, and has started to show dominant behavior towards the family as well (even if he's had a long walk, and lots of play that day).

We have a huge yard for the dogs that they are in during the day, and we engage a lot with them both when we get home, walking and playing (the puppy is the first husky I've ever had that plays fetch). When my SO is home during the day, he walks and plays with them then too.

I definitely know the 1 year old needs more stimulation and socialization, and we are getting there slowly. But we definitely aren't ready to trust him off the leash or around smaller dogs/children because he is so full on.

We've been quoted around $1000 for training and told that training must involve both dogs. But our older dog was always happy to be the Beta around our old rescue girl (she passed away at 14), so I feel as though we really need human training in this situation haha.

Really, I'm just asking for any advice about others that have had similar situations, I want the best quality of life for our older dog in his twilight years and the younger one has so much potential. Should also mention, 1yr old is very food motivated. We crate trained him as a little puppy as well, but haven't used the crate since we moved to a larger house.

Also, I'm about to have a human baby in a few months time, so really can't afford for the younger dog to become more jealous/domineering especially around me.

Any advice appreciated. TIA

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