Second Puppy, Help with Crate Training!

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So I was a frequent reader/poster here about 1.5 years ago when we got our first puppy, A Golden Doodle. I had some pretty bad puppy blues, issues with crate training with him and a few other questions but overall I got a lot of advice from here and we got through it all. He can sit in his crate for however long we need him to (never more than 4 or 5 hours, usually 2-3) and he doesn't have any problems with his crate.

The new puppy we got however is causing some more problems compounded by an injury. When he was just 9 weeks old he fell and got a hairline fracture in his back left hind leg. It has been splinted for 2 weeks and is going to be splinted for 2 weeks more. This has caused him to be severely crated for a long time because he needs his rest and he can't be all puppy like due to possible re-injury.

The Upside about this is that he is 100% comfortable with his crate, can sleep in the crate the entire night, and if we are in sight/in the room, can be left in there for about 1.5 to 2 hours at a time during the day without an issue. However, we need to be able to leave him alone during the day for about 4 hours starting in 2 weeks time.

The issue? If we leave him alone for 30 seconds or so he is okay, just small whining and puttering around, but then after that much time he looses his mind and barks like mad. We ALSO worry about him biting his splint so we have to monitor him pretty closely because it costs about 100 for a bandaging and that adds up fast if he bites it to the point it needs to be re-done (so far hasn't happened yet). We just started and haven't made a ton of progress but I want to make sure that we are going about it the right way:

-Put him in crate, in the bedroom by the other dogs crate

-Leave room for 30 seconds or so

-Once he stops barking, go back in, praise/treat, and then repeat

Is this the right way we should be going about this, slowly increasing the amount of time he is alone in the room, then work up to leaving the apartment, then increasing time from there? How often is too often/How much training would be too much training?

Thanks in advance!

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