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So yesterday I brought my 4 month border collie/aussie mix to the vet for her last set of shots. They weren’t allowing people in, but my sister works there so i figured my pup would be fine. Apparently she was one of the worst puppies my sister has seen and they almost needed to muzzle her because she was screaming and they had trouble restraining her, even before the shot. Honestly, I thought it was very odd because I’ve never seen her do that before, but my sister tried restraining her when we got home to show me and she literally screams like she’s being murdered, pees herself and thrashes when someone tries to touch her. The weird thing is, I’ve been desensitizing her since i got her 2 months ago, and she was an angel during her 2nd shot. I restrain her everyday, I play with her feet, touch her mouth, etc. She struggles a little or whines sometimes, but it wasn’t like the demon i saw come out of her when my sister restrained her lmao. So anyways, I’m not sure how to approach this since she never does it with me, and right now there is no one else that can try restraining her. I would love for her to behave at the vet, even without me, because apparently everyone was saying what a horrible dog she was gonna be lol.

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