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So long story short, my dog is afraid of bikes, people walking, and recently she’s decided she’s afraid of pretty much everything outside. I let her out in our backyard (I live in a neighborhood, full of people doing things outside right now), and she’ll see bikes go by the front of our house and people out walking etc. and run straight for our back door after peeing and start scratching relentlessly at the door. Normally I’m for not letting them have what they want when they’re being naughty, but if I ignore her, she does NOT stop. I’ve tried standing there and waiting for her to sit before I let her in, but she doesn’t bark and she’s afraid of bells and she knows that the scratching gets my attention. So she scratches until I come and then sits. How do I stop the scratching altogether? And also how can I make her less afraid of just BEING outdoors? She doesn’t take treats outside and when she’s terrified I mean she’s full on shaking, drooling, and looking all over the place but at me….

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