Scott Foley Still Misses His WB Family

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If you think Scott Foley is dreamy on “Scandal, ” try carried out in interview with him while he plays with cute puppies praying for a little TLC.

The actor is teaming up with Swiffer and Bark& Co this season for a domesticated approval initiative to promotion swine find a home for the holidays. Foley, who has three children with his wife Marika Domiczyk, has a long history being an advocate for animals and borrowed a pup of his own last year.

Foley, of course, starred in the WB teenage classic “Felicity” as Noel Crane, one slope of a cherish triangle that partitioned devotees over the course of the series’ four-season range. The establish ended in 2002 but has maintained a serious fan subsequent fiscal year after Felicity threw her graduation detonator in the air.

“Felicity” whizs Keri Russell, Scott Speedman and Foley reunited this October for Entertainment Weekly’s reunion issue. It was splendid.

“I had discovered Scott Speedman five or six experiences since the see purposed, ” Foley remarked, “but I hadn’t experienced Keri for 14 times because we killed the very last scene.”

“You sort of merely fall into your old-fashioned patterns, but with new things to talk about, ” he persisted. “[ Russell’s] got kids. I’ve got kids. Why doesn’t Speedman have girls? “

Foley, who said he watches age-old occurrences from time to time, was pleased with the EW article and said the series still stands up today.

However, he has let one “Felicity” pastime go. “I have not played Boggle since, ” he alleged, remembering the famed panorama where Noel and Felicity share their first kiss. “It has not been in my wheelhouse.”

He still has exceedingly fond memories of his time at the WB, where proves like “Dawson’s Creek” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” redefined storytelling for teen audiences.

Foley said he still prevents in contact with Joshua Jackson and Greg Grunberg and recently had run-ins with James Van Der Beek and Kate Bosworth. Yes, she was on the WB. Remember that miscarried “Dawson’s Creek” spinoff ? Yeah, we didn’t, either.

“That was a really great time to be on that network, ” he told. “There was a experiencing in the air. We all did these junkets and press things together and we all got along well … It was a great time.”

It was indeed.

If you want to continue this trip down memory lane, check out this WB “Faces” promo that typifies everything we adored about that age.

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