Scared dog won’t go into backyard anymore

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Long story short, my next door neighbor had motion activated 88ultrasonic and high-frequency emitting devices88 aimed at my yard to keep my dogs away from their patio. They call the dogs over to spray them with an unknown liquid. They yell at the dogs. The yard is fenced in and the dogs are fairly docile, so pooping, attacking, barking, trespassing, etc has never been an issue. They are retired 70 something-year-olds who apparently have nothing better to do. The only silver lining this is just one of the dogs seems to be affected by this trauma, mainly the ultrasonic noise. After getting lawyers and police involved, the ultrasonic devices have disappeared. Now I am trying to deal with the aftermath. **The dog will not go out into the fenced backyard on her own.** She will only go if leashed or lead by her harness. She refuses to leave the deck, even when tennis balls and toys are involved. When outside, she sits by the door to go back in and will only momentarily be comforted by attention and pets. **I am looking for any and all advice as to help her recover from this fear and trauma.** I know it will be a long process and am not looking for shortcuts; I just want her to be able to relax enough to run around the yard again. She is such a sweet dog and I do not want her world to be permanently reduced. Thank you for any help! submitted by /u/doglover7805
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