Samantha Bee Bets On Adorable Puppies To Objective Liberals’ Feuding

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Samantha Bee has a plan to reunite warfare radicals. And it involves pictures of puppies and cute kittens.

The “Full Frontal” host answers the bickering between supporters of Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders( I-Vt .) and Hillary Clinton in recent weeks has “ruined” the Internet.

So, in a bid to stop the “Democrat on Democrat violence” that’s been taking over people’s social media feeds, Bee’s team have created a new website:

Clicking on the link brings up a picture of an adorable swine, alongside a salient repeat — such as, “Why can’t we all simply get long? “

“Just post that link in any thread where your liberal acquaintances are snapping one another apart and discontinue the argument, ” Bee said in a YouTube clip on Thursday.

“Seriously, Democrats, simply look at a picture of a puppy and hug it out before it’s too late, ” she added — as a picture of Donald Trump twinkled up on the screen.

Check it out in the clip above .

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