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So, my dog has been learning leash manners and how to behave around visitors at home. He’s learning everything really quickly. However, he’s acting like his life is over now that he has these new rules, and it’s absolutely breaking my heart. He’s not only tired from the training, but he’s actually moping around and making these pitiful near-silent whines. He’s usually such a goofy boy and he’s typically very vocal, but he’s just been curled up and shaking and almost silent for the last couple of days. It almost seems like he’s afraid to make loud noises. He hasn’t even been enjoying his walks—he just kind of drags behind with his ears pulled back. We’ve tried being extra affectionate, praising him more, giving him a few extra treats, and playing with all of his favorite toys but nothing seems to make a big difference. What else can we do? I want my playful goofy boy back. Is this something we just have to wait out?

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