Sad Affleck is the meme we needed after ‘Batman v Superman’

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Weve reached the point in the long and arduous superhero movie press tour where the actors are asked to atone for the many, many negative evaluates the movie has received from movie critics. And Ben Afflecks nonverbal have responded to Batman v Superman s horrible revaluations is better than anything he couldve said.

Affleck and Henry Cavill were asked about the critical reviewsduring a video interrogation with Yahoo UKon Thursday, and Cavill returned a perfectly diplomatic reply about how what actually mattered is what the gathering “ve thought about it”. Affleck stayed largely silent while Cavill expressed, simply uttering an I agree when prompted by the reporter. But his look told a much different story.

Once somebody contributed The Sound of Silence to the clip like something straight out of Arrested Development , Sad Affleck was born. Who wouldve had considered that Sad Batman wouldve come full circle?

And soon the remixes and replies followed.

If we look back at the clip, we couldve readily foreseen this. The mansions were there even before Cavill started to respond. They mustve known this was coming.

In the midst of the spurious plot that critics were paid off to write negative revaluations, a lot of attention and load has been placed on Batman v Superman s Rotten Tomatoes score; as of press age, its certified rotten at 30 percentage, although that amount is very likely to change as more people watch and examine it. The tally is remarkable to some, primarily because other memorably appalling movies have scored higher than Batman v Superman .

While the original remix video featured The Racket of Silence, another musical staple that draws the essence of what have I done was soon added.

And if you thought the Crying Jordan meme was reserved only for athletes and their love during a devastating loss, you havent watched the starring of a major blockbuster have a solemn time of clarity.

Affleck was on The Tonight Show Thursday darknes and played video games where he and Jimmy Fallon were awarded puppies for correct answers, and even then he couldnt only shake events off. If puppies cant assistant Sad Affleck , nothing will.

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