Ruff Night! Grammys Hand Out ‘Consolation Puppies’ To Losers

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There’s no denying that apportions depict accolades are becoming increasingly little relevant, so why don’t we give them up altogether … and only hand out puppies?

That’s what happened to some nominees for Best Comedy Album at the 60th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night. Dave Chappelle came out on top for “The Age Of Spin/ Deep In The Heart Of Texas, ” but Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman and Jim Gaffigan may have been the true wins.

“I should say to all the campaigners that who are not going home with a Grammy — I don’t want anyone to be upset tonight, so the very best report is nothing “re going home” empty-handed because all nighttime we will be siding out relief puppies, ” host James Corden said. “So if you didn’t get a Grammy, you get a puppy.”

Adorable puppies were then delivered to their idle hands, making for some too-cute instants.

“I should tell you, Jerry, be careful. That’s Roxy, she’s a biter, ” Corden said. “And then who got Ruby? I think that was Jim Gaffigan. She isn’t toilet developed. Just so you know.”

One group, nonetheless, was not particularly thrilled by the stunt. Beings for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent out a tweet went on to say that “animals are not toys.”

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