Rude 14-week-old puppy ignores other dog’s play signals?

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My puppy is incredibly high-energy, more than other puppies we’ve met so far in puppy preschool and beyond. She greets every other dog like a cannon ball and even when the other dog does not reciprocate and try to walk away, she is relentless and continues to leap and play-bite at them. If the other dog starts to growl, her bites turn to licks but she’s still launches herself at them, over and over. I generally remove her from the situation at this point.

I have an adult dog who she acts similarly but I don’t let her get to the point of roughness with him anymore because he has only snapped at her once despite the fact she tries to seemingly rip the fur of his face whenever she can and it’s not fair to him.

Recently while she was at daycare she was scratched by another dog for being too rambunctious according to the trainer there and I’m unsure what to do. I understand she’s still learning social cues, but she’s so fearless and seemingly doesn’t know or care if another dog doesn’t want to play? Should I keep her from other dogs at this point or is it a failure on my part to socialize? I don’t even know what she needs. In the back of my mind I also feel like it would just take one really scary NO from another dog to turn her into a very fearful pup and I don’t want that at all, either.

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