Roommate’s chihuahua pug is constantly anxious

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At the beginning of the semester, my roommate (who I share a two bed two bath apartment with) adopted a four year old chihuahua pug as an emotional support animal. She chose him because he was a small, adult dog who was very calm at the shelter. We now realize that he was most likely so calm and non-reactive because he was scared.

Now that he's used to her, he's opened up a lot more and displayed a lot of anxious, aggressive, and fear-based behavior towards me and guests. To be clear- I have never done anything to make him afraid of me. I've never him, yelled at him, reacted aggressively towards him, or done anything besides try to feed him treats and give him Kongs. My roommate is the only one who can approach him without him barking and growling. She is the only one who can touch him without barking and growling. Within the last two weeks, I've become able to feed him treats directly from my hand without him reacting in fear, but if he's agitated and anxious, he'll even perceive me offering a treat in a flat hand without moving (I always let him come to me) as a threat, and he'll bark and growl at me.

I'm incredibly frustrated because he was recently boarded at a kennel and the handlers had no issues with picking him up and interacting with him. I have a hunch that he's so aggressive with me because he perceives me as a threat to not only him, but my roommate, and he's "guarding" me from her.

What can I do to build a relationship with this dog? My roommate refuses to train him (he doesn't even know 'sit') and we've bought him some stress+anxiety chews with melatonin and L typtophan as a last resort. My roommate is opposed to giving him CBD oil to calm his anxieties, even though I have friends who've given it to anxious dogs with great success.

tl;dr: My roommate's untrained chihuahua pug is constantly barking and growing at me and I want him to stop so we can coexist in peace. What can I do?

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