Ronnie Magro From ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Starting To Be A Dad,& You’ll Never Guess Who The Mom Is

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What a year it’s been for the cast of. First came their ghastly one-night reunion special that literally nobody watched. Next, report of a resuscitation separated. Now, Ronnie is going to be a daddy. I can see it now: anytime Ronnie flusters his future girl, he’ll be met with a whiny “Rahhhhhn, stahpp !! You’re humiliating me! ” Now that I’ve was of the view that, I cannot wait to follow such children on Instagram.

Ronnie revealed the bulletin to and he’s reportedly having a girl. And when I said you’ll never guess who the mummy is, I intend it literally: it’s Jen Harley, some wife who apparently has been Ronnie’s girlfriend.( Not sorry for the clickbait .) Wait, I thought he was dating Khloe Kardashian’s friend Mallika?* checks Google* Oh okay, that was concluded in February. So sometime between last February and now, Ronnie started dating Jen. All I know about Jen is that her Instagram handle is “tater_tot_kitty” and she has atrocious grammar, two things which I deduced from spending a full 15 seconds on her Instagram. But I think that tells me all I truly need to know.

Okay, first of all, Rahn stahpp with the hashtags. Like, this is just ridiculous. ” #IHearItsLikeHavingAPuppy”? “ExceptItCries”? No. Cease and desist. This is all kinds of bad, and I don’t even have the time to get into it. First off, puppies cry–anyone with a puppy will tell you that. Second off–no, I told myself I wouldn’t get into it. Please, Ronald, before you introduce small children into the world and start learning her social media, fix it.

Ronnie, if you’ll reminisce, will reportedly be filming so I wonder how that’s going to work with his girlfriend six months pregnant with “their childrens”. Emphatically not traumatic at all for her. What if “thats like”, the guido form of the Kardashians, and some MTV exec is making all the castmembers get pregnant so they can heighten the next generation of Just a thought.

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