Romanian rescue we’ve had for about a year has been house trained and doing well for a while, but in the last week has had an increasing amount of accidents inside the house. Not sure if we need to go back to square one with her or if there’s some other environmental factor causing the issue.

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So to start with the background/context: Lucy is a street dog from Romania I rescued a little over a year ago. Vet estimated ~1 year old when we got her. When we first got her, we started with trying crate training and walking to get her to go to do her business outside. After we felt comfortable enough with her being able to get through the night without having an accident in the house we started letting her sleep in the bed with us. Since then she's been doing really well and we haven't had any issues.

About 6 months ago we got a second rescue, Jolene. They took to each other very well and it didn't take long for Jolene to get house trained as well. We have a decent sized yard that's not fenced so we started using the Petsafe wireless dog collars for both of them so we could let them out unsupervised and they both do great with them. They won't try to bolt or break the boundary of our property even if there's another dog, rabbit, or person, so we're comfortable with letting them outside on their own. Regular routine would be to let them out first thing in the morning around 530 AM, every few hours throughout the day, and then last thing before we go to bed at 1030 or so at night.

Within the past week or so, however, Lucy has been getting up and peeing on the Carpet in the bedroom in the middle of the night. She also peed and pooped on the carpet in the bedroom later in the evening before we had even gone to bed, and I have no idea how to address the behavior. She did very well before and now she consistently is peeing in the bedroom. The only environmental factors that have changed that I can think of is that my wife is recently pregnant, and I've heard dogs can sense that and sometimes it can affect them, but I don't know how farfetched that idea is.

They both get plenty of active time during the day and play with each other inside and out, and Lucy regularly gets walks, I take her for runs, and my wife takes them to the dog park 2-3 times a week as well, although Lucy is much less interested in dogs than she being with us or with other people.

Anyway, I'm not sure how to approach the situation and figure out why she's fallen out of her training. Should we start with square one? Should she be put in a crate overnight until we figure out what's causing the issue? Any and all advice would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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