Risks of bringing unvaccinated dog in back garden for potty training?

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So me and my girlfriend are picking up our new puppy in the next few hours and we have just been having a discussion about potty training and I was wondering if people could advise.

She is an 8 weeks old cavalier king/poodle/bichon frise cross, we live in the UK and she has already had her first vaccination on 24th October.

My girlfriend is worried about the risks of our pup picking up parvovirus/distemper before being fully vaccinated so is against the idea of bringing her outside into our small, but otherwise very green back garden. The previous owner had an older dog (a blind bichon frise) and lived there for two years so it seems very unlikely that she would have had parvovirus at the time (she was a spoilt dog from what I know so I'm almost certain she would have been vaccinated). The garden is fully walled off with 2m high fences that have no gaps so I think it's unlikely a fox could have jumped in.

I am keen on bringing her into our back garden in order to start early house training, but my girlfriend is worried about her getting sick!

I don't suppose anyone can give their views, advice, or even better sharing official vet resources that could reassure her? I've already shown her the AVSAB statement on puppy socialisation but that hasn't been enough for her!

Puppy tax: http://imgur.com/a/mYxcPZ7

Thanks in advance.

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