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Hello everyone,

I struggled for what seemed like an endless amount of time trying to potty train my pup. He finally seemed to get the hang of it at around 8 and a half months. I trained him using a bell, and I really believe this was the key to success for potty training as he really struggled before I introduced it.

However, my little guy LOVES to ring this bell. Loves it. He’ll ring it and run away, thinking it’s a game. He’ll ring it to go outside and sniff the air or sit on the ground and look at me. He also uses it when he really does have to potty, of course.

Now getting to my point. It isn’t feasible for me to be taking my dog out every 5 minutes, especially as I live in a very cold area of the Midwest in an apartment. I know he can hold his bladder for an extended period of time because he does all day and night. But he just rings these bells incessantly!

I’ve been thinking of taking away the bells, and simply taking my dog out every 2 hours for potty, and ignoring him if he jumps at the door. However, I don’t know if this is the best idea. I don’t want him to regress on his potty training, however I’d like to move toward a more realistic long term solution. Any thoughts on this plan or ideas are greatly appreciated!

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