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Hi! My puppy, Finn, has developed a little resource guarding problem. It's something I am working on trying to correct, but for the time being, when she has a chew I leave her alone. She will have times where she is fine being close to me, and even gives me her bone to play fetch so there are positive signs.

My issue is that my family sometimes doesn't understand that she isn't always a happy puppy. She has a mean streak that I am trying to learn to manage. Ex: She was chewing on her bone this morning, and my brother went to pet her. She growled and I told him to leave her alone. He didn't and she like proper attacked him – biting and grabbing his shirt (she's a mini poodle, no serious harm done). This is obviously something I can't allow. How do I correct her in this situation? In some ways, I know it was his fault for not listening to her signals, but also she can't do that. I don't want to take her bone away because that just seems to be reinforcing that we are a threat to her bone? It would be great if my family just wasn't ignorant, but that won't change. Help 🙁

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