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Hey there! We recently found a small pit bull mix as a stray, Gitsie, and have been fostering her. She is about 1-2 years, well behaved but completely untrained. She's responding well to training, is calm out and about, introduced to our 2 dogs (Sula, f, 14 and Meekus, m, 3) calmly with no issues, and is all around good. EXCEPT she has some resource guarding issues. She doesn't growl or raise her lip, she just goes straight for the bite, and her bites bleed. The only time she scuffled "gently" was when she was surprised by the doorbell and Gitsie and Sula got into it with no biting. She has shown no resource guarding or aggression towards humans, and is gentle with food. She plays with them in the yard appropriately, will sleep and cuddle with them, and them BAM she is biting with no warning.

1st issue: guarding my boyfriend from my dog – Sula standing near him, Gitsie walks up and bites Sula.

2nd issue: guarding me from my dog – me on the couch, Sula in front of me. Gitsie walks up and bites.

3rd issue: guarding us/spot on the couch from our dog – Gitsie laying on couch, tenses up as Meekus approaches and bites.

I have been researching resource guarding but most of it is about food/toys. How do we safely train Gitsie when the resource is us?

She has been sleeping in the crate in our room at night, with Sula and Meekus in the bed, and is sectioned alone in the room during the day (we work from home so we are in and out of the room). Is this reinforcing that she only gets to be around us/on the bed when the other dogs go away?

Any help is greatly appreciated! We would like to get her on a good path before rehoming her, or possibly even keeping her if we can get her to be safe around our dogs.

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