Rescue dog suddenly goes into barking fits – help!

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Hey everyone, looking for a little help with our rescue pup. (Sorry if the format is strange, I’m on my phone).

For some background he is almost 3, and was extremely shy and hesitant when we first got him (about 5 months ago) but now is much more friendly and playful, we are so happy with his progress!

However, the past few weeks, usually when it is just me and him at home, he will start barking uncontrollably. When we first got him he didn’t make a peep and usually only lets out a low howl when he needs to be let out. There doesn’t appear to be anything that causes these episodes. I’ve tried giving him more water, letting him outside, playing with his toys, and I even took him on a long run today and when we came back he still barked at me!

When he does this his tail is wagging and he appears to want to play but when I try playing he just runs or tries to play bite (not hard) my hands and arms. The only thing that seems to somewhat work is walking into a different room and ignoring him; however, the moment I walk into the living room again he starts barking…I am at a total loss. Advice wanted!

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