Rescue Dog Shows Signs of Food Aggression: only after eating/having treats?

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We have a rescue dog, who has lived with us over 6 months now. He has been great with housebreaking, training, etc. But we've begun to notice a few food aggressive behaviors coming out. He is not aggressive at all with us or our other dog during mealtime, small snacks- happy and ok with us petting and touching him while he eats. BUT if we give a "better snack" like a kong with PB or larger bone, he becomes extremely aggressive toward us AFTER he's eaten the snack. Growling, lunging, snapping. It goes as far as when we sternly say "NO", he will lunge and not back down. Its like a totally different dog. How can we address this? The obvious answer is eliminate these treats entirely, but what about the behavior? I'm afraid it might begin to affect other toys, snacks, interactions, etc. This is hard because we do not know his history at all.

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